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The reason why the boiler water pump is noisy

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In the process of the pump operation, it can run but the noise or abnormal noise is one of the most common faults. However, this does not mean that the pump itself has a performance failure. More reasons are caused by incorrect installation and use. The main reasons for the loud noise of the pump are as follows:
1. The inlet pipe of the pump is too small, or the pipe resistance is too large (the inner wall is not clean and there are too many turns).
2. There is air in the water, the installation position of the pump is incorrect, or the installation position is too high.
3. If it is a metal pipe, a fixing device should be installed at the front and rear outlet pipes of the pump. If it is a plastic pipe, fix the pump body itself.
4. The inlet pressure of the system is not enough, causing cavitation of the first-stage impeller of the pump and abnormal noise.
5. After the water pump enters the particles, it causes friction with the impeller and seal ring to cause abnormal noise.
6. The diameter of the outlet pipe section is too large to cause abnormal noise.