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Wilo provides energy saving system for students

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Wilo UK has joined forces with the UK’s largest developer of purpose-built student accommodation, Unite Students, to provide energy efficient water pump services to several sites within the company’s portfolio. 

Wilo has supplied Unite Students with compact, high-performance pressure boosting systems to optimise energy efficiency. The company installed booster sets for 11 different sites in 2018 and a further 12 in 2019, including the 300-capacity Blithehale Court site in Bethnal Green, East London.

Wilo conducted a survey of all Unite Students' sites and produced a comprehensive condition report for over 700 existing pumping assets, in accordance with the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS). From this, a lifecycle road map was created including all asset details, estimated life expectancy and consequent change-out dates and costs.
The compact pressure boosting system uses high-efficiency Wilo Helix VE pump hydraulics and a frequency converter with a wide control range, making the booster a reliable energy-saving tool. The system can be used for fully automatic water supply and pressure boosting in residential, commercial and public buildings.