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Griswold Safe Guard Predictive Maintenance

Source:三昌泵业|Popularity:0|release date:2020-01-17 16:57:22
SafeGuardTM, part of PSG®, a Dover company anda premier manufacturer of centrifugal pumps, is pleased to introduce a new innovation for the centrifugal pump industry,SafeGuardTM, an industry-leading predictive maintenance solution. Featuring wireless access and 24/7 proactivealerts, SafeGuard technology alerts the user when a problem occurs, and alsoprovides actionable guidance to resolve it.
Current diagnostic technologies oftenprovide only a warning signal without details about the root cause or theability to offer guidance on a resolution. The data that is provided is displayed in a complicated way that only diagnostic experts can understand, anddo little to support the local maintenance team on a day-to-day basis. Lastly,most solutions are only designed to monitor the health of the pump and ignore the health issues associated with the motor. The SafeGuardTM solution provides answers to all of these critical needs.
The SafeGuard Preventative Maintenance Solution allows both the pump and the motor to be remotely monitored 24/7 with continuous cloud connectivity, delivering the true value of Industrial Internetof Things (IIoT). If an issue occurs, a proactive alert is automaticallygenerated, including clear actionable guidance that can be easily followed by maintenance personnel to resolve the root cause of the issue. This proactive approach to pump monitoring can help lower maintenance costs by up to 30% andresult in up to 75% fewer breakdowns.
SafeGuard is designed to monitor all typesof centrifugal pumps. Four battery-powered sensors are included in the SafeGuard system as well as a node/sensor reader. All four sensors work inunison to predict the full health of both the pump and the motor. This allowsfor a complete diagnostic analysis that reads the tri-axial vibration,temperature, and electromagnetic values for the pump and motor.
With these capabilities, SafeGuard is ableto detect more than 20 failure modes. SafeGuard is the all- inclusive solutionfor centrifugal pump predictive maintenance.(from PSG)