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Anouncement of Possible Fake Email Sender

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Anouncement of Possible Fake Email Sender


2022-02-24 (First Posted)

2022-11-10 (Updated)

To All Our Clients and Business Partner or Anyone May Concerned:

At this moment, all of our products will be shipped from China, and only the staff from head office (mainland China) could serve the orders from overseas market, and they will contact clients with our own mail domain

All orders between the client and us, the payment should be remited to ICBC Hunan Branch at the beneficiary name of HUNAN SANCHANG PUMP CO.,LTD.

We don't have any plan to have office or employees based on abroad, and also don't have any plan to have a consultant there. Which means we do not have any overseas office or offshore account number to receive payment, and we won't pay to any consultant or employee's abroad, because we do not have any staff work for us outside China

In all, we will not pay to any client, only the clients will pay to us to buy our product. If anyone pay to you on the behalf of our company, be cautious on it. 

We found that someone was contacted our clients and business partner by the following faken Email ID (domain:







Our offical websites followed:

If you have any doubt or suspicious about it, please contact us directly immediately.

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