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ZDG Series Self-Balancing Hot Water Pump
ZDG Series Self-Balancing Hot Water
ZDG Series Self-Balancing Hot Water

Operation Limits


Operating Parameters



Application: Boiler Feeding, Hot Water Boosting, Industrial water supply and discharge,Civil water supply & treatment, Irrigation & Drainage,flood disposal, Oil, gas & petrol liquid processing,

The ZDG series boiler feed pump is horizontal multistage section centrifugal pump, with the features of high efficiency', wide performance range, steady and safety operation, low noise and easy installation.

 It can deliver the clean water, hot water, corrosive liquid, seal water and oil liquid by selecting different mater of flow passage parts. It is widely applied to industrial water supply and discharge, high building water supply, fire fighting applications, mining water discharge, long distance water transmit, and boiler water feeding, etc.


Main Performance Data

Flow: 7.5 - 864 m3/h
 Delivery Head: 19 - 1140m

Outlet Dia.: 40 - 300mm
 Working Pressure: ≤ 17.5Mpa

Solid Particle: ≤ 80mg/L
 Liquid Temp.: 0℃- 120℃


Model Instruction

E.G.: ZDG46-50X4
 ZDG: Self-balancing multistage centrifugal pump for hot water

46: Rate flow capacity is 46m3/h
 50: Rate head of 1 stage is 50m

4: Number of stage of the pump is 4.


Industrial water supply and discharge,

Civil water supply & treatment
Irrigation & Drainage,flood disposal,

Oil, gas & petrol liquid processing,
Hot water & raw water transferring,

Chemical & Sea water transferring,
Power station water circulation,

Factory & residential fire fighting,
Mining water supply & drainage,



Main Parts Configuration

The pump could be applied to transfer different kinds of liquid by customized wet parts, here followed our recommendation of main configuration:

Parts NameClean WaterSewageHot WaterCorrosive LiquidOil Liquid
Pump BodyCast IronDuctile IronCast Steel/S.S304S.S304/S.S316/S.S2205S.S304/S.S316
ShaftCast IronS.S420S.S420/42CrMoS.S630S.S420/40Cr
Shaft SleeveCarbon SteelS.S420S.S304S.S316/S.S630/S.S2205S.S304/S.S316
ImpellerCast IronDuctile IronCast Steel/S.S304S.S304/S.S316/S.S2205S.S304/S.S316
Wearing RingCast IronDuctile IronCast Steel/S.S304S.S304/S.S316/S.S2205S.S304/S.S316
BearingChina Make/NSK/SKF/Customized
SealsMechanical Seals/Gland Packing Seals

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    ZDG Series Self-Balancing Hot Water Pump