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hunan neptune pump

DG Series Boiler Feed Pump
DG Series Boiler Feed Pump
DG Series Boiler Feed Pump

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Application: Boiler Feeding, Hot Water Transferring, Heating Water Boosting, Hot Water Recycling

This series multistage pump is a side suction, vertical delivery, horizontal centrifugal pump with diffuser type casing. 
DG type pump is for delivering clean water without solide particle or the liquid which the chemical and physical feature is similar with water and temperature is less than 120℃ . It's suitable for boiler feed water and hot water.

The multistage pump is consisted of stator, rotor, bearing, shaft seal.
1. Stator: consisted of suction casing, discharge casing and diffuser. The casing are held together by external tie rod.
2. Rotor: consist of shaft, impellers, balance disc and shaft sleeve etc. 
3. Bearing parts: consisted of bearing housing, bearing and bearing cover. It's generally rolling bearing lubricated by grease.
4. Shaft seal: packing seal or mechanical seal.

Flow Capacity: 36-720 m3/h
Delivery Head: 19-816m
Outlet Dia.: 40 - 300mm
Working Pressure: ≤ 6Mpa
Liquid Temp.: 0℃- 120℃

Cast Steel, S.S304, S.S 316, S.S 2205, Bronze etc.

General residential & industrial water supply & transferring;
Agricultural irrigation & drainage, Flood discharge & Emergency drainage;
Civil water treatment, Waterworks, Sea water desalination;
Air-conditioning, Fire-fighting facilities, High building water supply;
Oil & Gas & Chemical processing, Abrasive liquids transferring;
Power plant water circulation, Cooling tower & Hot water transferring
Mining, Boiler water feeding, etc.