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hunan neptune pump

IS Series End Suction Pump
IS Series End Suction Pump
IS Series End Suction Pump

Operation Limits


Operating Parameters



Application: Industrial water supply and discharge,Food, wine, drink, drug industry,Clean & Hot water transferring,Chemical liquid transferring,Sea water desalination & transferring,Factory & residential drink water supply,Fibre processing industry, Paper & pulp industrySugar industry, Heading & Air conditioning,Enviromental protection engineering.

The IS series single stage end suction centrifugal pump is could be used to transfer clean liquid, sewage water, drink and wine, chemical liquid, hot liquid by selecting different flow passage parts. The pump is constructed with single impeller, horizontal installed, radial split volute casing with foot support and single entry impeller, end suction, vertical discharge.



Main Performance Data

Flow: 6 - 480 m3/h

Delivery Head: 5 - 125m

Outlet Dia.: 32 - 350mm

Working Pressure: ≤ 1.5Mpa

Solid Particle: ≤ 80mg/L

Liquid Temp.: 0℃ - 80℃


Model Instruction

E.G.: IS/IR/IY100-80-160A

IS: Single stage end suction pump (for clean water)

IR: Single stage end suction pump (for hot water)

IY: Single stage end suction pump (for oil liquid)

100: Inlet diameter is 100mm

80: Outlet diameter is 80mm

160: Rate impeller diameter is 160mm

A(B,C....):  Impeller code



Industrial water supply and discharge,

Food, wine, drink, drug industry,

Clean & Hot water transferring,

Chemical liquid transferring,

Sea water desalination & transferring,

Factory & residential drink water supply,

Fibre processing industry, Paper & pulp industry

Sugar industry, Heading & Air conditioning,

Enviromental protection engineering.



Main Parts Configuration

The pump could be applied to transfer different kinds of liquid by customized wet parts, here followed our recommendation of main configuration:

Parts NameClean WaterSewage WaterHot WaterOil LIquid
Pump BodyCast IronDuctile IronCast Steel/S.S304S.S304
ShaftCarbon Steel40CrS.S420/S.S304S.S304
Shaft SleeveCarbon Steel40CrS.S420/S.S304S.S304
ImpellerCast IronDuctile IronCast Steel/S.S304S.S304
Wearing RingCast IronDuctile IronCast Steel/S.S304S.S304
BearingChina Make/NSK/SKF
SealsPTFE Packing Seals / Mechanical Seals