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What is the reasons of boiler water pump leakage

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Usually we say that the boiler feed pump is leaking somewhere in operation or the seal, middle section, balance water pipe, etc. When encountering this situation as usual, we first need to analyze the cause according to the site conditions. It cannot be generalized to specify that there is a problem in this place, that there is a problem in that place, etc. Therefore, the treatment methods for water leakage from boiler feed pumps can be as follows:

1. If the mechanical seal is leaking, then I first need to check whether the installation of the mechanical seal is in place and whether it is reasonable and the problems of the mechanical seal itself. Through these inquiries, we can find out where the key problem of the leak is. Then the corresponding problem is solved.

2. The problems in the middle section and the seal of the balanced water pipe are caused by the internal pressure of the pump cavity being too high and the seal cannot be achieved. Usually, the key parts such as the tightening bolt and the sealing thread need to be designed more reasonably and the pressing force and strength are sufficient.

3, the boiler feed pump itself casting problems, usually through the pump hydrostatic test to check for leaks, the standard is based on the factory standard in the factory to determine. If you check the pump for leaks through a pressure test, you will first remove the pump leaks at the first time, and then look at the size of trachoma and air holes. If it is cast steel or stainless steel, it can be solved by electric welding This leaking place. If it is serious, the company will replace the leaking parts to ensure the normal and stable use of the user.
4. There is also a leak or water spray at a certain position of the pump after running for a while. If this is the case, we generally recommend that users confirm whether to stop the pump based on the amount of water leakage, or find A thick and thick plate is covered first, and if the material of the pump is cast steel or stainless steel, then the pump can be stopped on site to remove the leaky part of the pump and then welded. If it is other cast iron, ductile iron or the like, you can ask the supplier to provide the part and replace it. Because of the development of modern technology, materials such as cast iron and ductile iron can be welded by special welding rods. This can save users 'economic costs and save users' time.

5, due to machining and other reasons caused by individual parts missed inspection and into qualified parts for assembly. In this case only parts can be replaced.