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Clients from Czech Republic visit our factory

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In the 8 years since the establishment of the Sanchang Pump Foreign Trade Department, with the efforts of the sales team, it has not only exported to Asia, Africa, Southeast Asia, but also to places like Europe and the United States. A customer from the Czech Republic visited our factory this time and he was interested in our horizontal multistage centrifugal pump. This shows that the quality of our water pumps has been brought into a higher level, and those countries with high requirements in Europe and the United States have gradually recognized the quality of Sanchang, which also benefits from the unremitting efforts of all employees. The growth of the Ministry of Foreign Trade has also made the brand of Sanchang more loud and international.
Gao Qin from the Ministry of Foreign Trade is communicating Huang Gong's relevant technical information points to customers in detail. Although Gao Qin has only been in Sanchang for more than a year, he has been in the pump industry for about 10 years and has rich experience in pump export. She is a down-to-earth girl, and every quote is carefully considered so as not to waste the inquiry. The Ministry of Foreign Trade is a developing department. It is believed that after everyone's efforts and cooperation between teams, more and more customers will come from all over the world. More and more foreigners will step into the Sanchang factory. It's getting more and more beautiful.