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Thailand Client Visiting

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Since its establishment in 2003, Sanchang Pump Industry has a history of 18 years. The Ministry of Foreign Trade has also been established for more than 8 years. We are already 8 years old customers of Alibaba International Platform. In the past 8 years, we have accumulated customers from all over the world. This time we visited our factory to visit customers from Thailand. This is his second visit to the factory. This time he mainly learns about our self-balancing pumps so that they can be better marketed in other countries.

Mr. Huang, our chief engineer, he always takes the job to introduce our product and fluid technology to the customer, helping us to solve the customer's questions in a timely manner is a good helper for our business staff. In the heavy industry, most salespeople are non-technical born, and most of the in-depth issues require technical support. At this time, the solidarity and cooperation between employees is very important. In the factory, where the customer is, where the business is, where the technology is. The employees of Sanchang Pump Industry are not only good at their own work, but also willing to cooperate and help to create more value for the Sanchang family.