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How to deal with the leakage of horizontal multistage water

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In general, users will say that the multistage centrifugal pump is leaking in operation, such as packing, middle stages, balance water pipe, mechanical seal, etc. In general, we need to analyze the reasons according to the site conditions. It can't be specified in general that which part. Therefore, the treatment methods for water leakage of multistage centrifugal pump can be as follows:
1. If it is mechanical seal leakage, then I need to check whether the installation of machine seal is in place and reasonable and the problems of machine seal itself first. Through the troubleshooting of these condensation questions, we can find out where the key problems of water leakage are. Then the corresponding problems will be solved.
2. The packing leakage is normal, because after the packing is installed, it must be allowed to drip within the normal range, about 60 drops / min. The abnormal situation is that water is sprayed everywhere at the filler. In this case, we need to check the packing compression and the packing wear. There are also pump cavity pressure is too high the main reason. By analyzing these situations, we can see where the problem is.
3. The sealing problems of middle stages and balance water pipe are caused by too high internal pressure of pump chamber. In general, it is necessary to design the key parts such as tension bolt and sealing thread more reasonable and enough compression force and strength.
4. The problem of casting of multistage centrifugal pump itself is generally to check the leakage and defect through hydrostatic test of the pump. The standard is determined according to the factory standard. If water leakage is checked at a certain position of the pump through the pressure test, the water leakage position of the pump will be removed at the first time, and then the size of sand hole and air hole will be checked. If it is made of cast steel and stainless steel, the water leakage can be solved by electric welding. If it is serious, the company will replace the leaking parts to ensure the normal and stable use of users.
5. What's more, it was found that a certain position of the pump was leaking water or spraying water after the operation of the pump for a period of time. In case of such a situation, we generally recommend that the user confirm whether to stop the pump according to the size of the leakage, or find a strong thick plate to cover first. If the material of the pump is cast steel or stainless steel, then the leakage part of the pump can be removed after the pump is stopped on site Remove and weld. If it is other cast iron, ductile iron and the like can require the supplier to provide the parts after replacement. Because of the development of modern technology, materials such as cast iron and nodular iron can be welded with special electrodes. This can not only save the economic cost of users, but also save the time of users.
6. Because of the missing inspection of some parts caused by machining and other reasons, they are put into the qualified parts for assembly. Only parts can be replaced in this case.