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How to select D-type horizontal multistage pump

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How to select D-type horizontal multistage pump
Model selection of multi-stage pump: first of all, you need to understand the most basic parameters, site conditions and environment.
1. Pump flow, head, speed, structure, etc;
2. Material requirements for multistage pump;
3. Requirements for site conditions; whether explosion-proof required or not;
4. Requirements for NPSHr and temperature of multistage pump;
5. Requirements for matching power and voltage of multistage pump;
6. The user needs to calculate the pump lift according to the field pipeline, elevation, etc;
7. Some users only provide matching power, which needs to confirm any two conditions out of flow, head and speed;
8. Understand whether the pump needs mechanical seal configuration, etc;
9. Understand the installation place of the pump;
10. Understand whether the pump is flooded or lifted on site;
11. Understand the local atmospheric pressure, altitude, indoor or outdoor use;
The above suggestions are only based on the work experience, and there are also some special circumstances that need to change according to the specific condit