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How to position the first stage impeller of horizontal multi

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Before we talk about this problem, let's understand the assembly of the multi-stage pump. First, themulti-stage pump is assembled stage by stage. During the impeller installation, need to set the key at the position of the key groove, and then install the impeller and other parts. When positioning, need to push the impeller hub onto the shaft sleeve or retaining sleeve completely. After the whole multistage pump is assembled, adjust the impeller clearance according to the clearance between the balance plate and the balance ring. Because the old D-type pump allows axial run-out. When the gap between the balance disk and the balance ring reaches the requirements of the drawing, the axial displacement can be stopped. So the first stage impeller of the multistage pump is so positioned. In fact, the simplest way is to see the pump assembly drawing or structural drawing.