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Energy Saving is urgently needed in the pump industry

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On June 28, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice on issuing 2019 national major industrial special energy-saving supervision tasks.
 Shows that according to the "2019 Major Work Plan for Industrial Energy Conservation Supervision", various local organizations have applied for national major industrial special energy conservation supervision tasks in 2019. After comprehensive consideration of the characteristics of the industry, the size of the enterprise, the region in which it is located, and the content of supervision, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has determined the tasks of energy conservation supervision in various places.
According to the tasks, the total number of national major industrial energy-saving supervision tasks in 2019 is 4,655, including 332 specialized supervision and inspection of key general equipment production and use enterprises such as motors, transformers, pumps, fans, and air compressors. In 2018, the implementation of the rectification of illegal enterprises was specially monitored for 190 companies.
Currently, water pump energy-saving technology has been applied in China for many years, and the overall technology has been continuously improved. The pumps on the market have the characteristics of low noise, high efficiency and low power consumption. Some products can even compare with imported pumps.
 At the end of the 1980s, China began to introduce "inverter" control technology, which has made breakthrough progress in water pump power saving technology. By the end of the 1990s, "water pump power saver" control technology began to develop rapidly, and fish-eye mixed products began to appear The market has hindered the high-quality development of the entire pump industry.
 After entering the new century, the development of automation and intelligent technology, "water pump intelligent control system" began to be favored by the market. The use of PLC, human-machine interface, filtering and other elements makes the water saving of the pump more scientific and intelligent.
 In recent years, with the increase of energy conservation and environmental protection requirements and the increase of industry concentration, the market competition has become increasingly fierce, and pump companies have had to transform their products. Pump designers should establish awareness of energy saving and design in accordance with their own enterprise standards higher than national machinery standards before design; conduct reliability tests and product material selection tests during the design process; strictly control each process during manufacturing to improve pump products Use efficiency.
 In addition to the pump itself, it is necessary to pay attention to the relevant supporting facilities so that all aspects of the system can achieve a good matching effect, including the connection of the pump and the motor, the design of the pipe network, the connection and coordination of related accessories, etc. The purpose of energy saving and efficiency improvement.