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Six major problems facing the domestic water pump industry

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In recent years, although the production level and market share of domestic water pumps have continued to increase, as far as the current status of the industry is concerned, there are still gaps between developed countries in some industries in China. In particular, the company's independent development capability is weak, and the core technology of products with high technological content and high added value urgently needed for the development of the national economy has not yet been mastered, and many problems need to be solved urgently.
1. Insufficient investment in research and development
There is a clear gap between domestic companies and foreign established companies in terms of product technology accumulation and new product development. Insufficient investment in scientific and technological funds and research and development funds has become a major factor restricting independent research and development of pump manufacturing. According to incomplete statistics of the industry, R & D investment accounts for less than 2% of the company's sales revenue. Compared with well-known foreign companies, the R & D investment of the entire industry appears to be minimal, which seriously restricts new technologies, new products, new materials and new processes Research and development.
2. Weak independent innovation capability
The digestion and absorption of imported technology is slow. Most enterprises have weak technological innovation capabilities and lack independent intellectual property manufacturing technology and product technology. Although most of the products in the water pump industry have basically achieved independent production, some core technical equipment is still in the hands of foreign parties due to the lack of independent intellectual property rights. Most of the domestic pump manufacturing enterprises are responsible for the low-end processing of products, and the breadth and depth of autonomy still need to be improved.

3. Weak basic supporting components
The development of basic technology lags behind, and the basic supporting components are even weaker. For a long time, due to the lack of due attention to basic technology research, the lagging development of basic machinery and basic components in China's manufacturing industry has become the primary factor restricting the development of major technical equipment. Basic mechanical products such as mechanical seals, instruments, and small flow devices are mostly low-end products, and the quality of new energy is not stable enough. This is also an important reason why many users choose to buy foreign pump products.

4. Core technologies rely on imports
Core technical equipment still rely on imports. The domestic pump industry places too much emphasis on the introduction, despise the imported technology digestion, absorption and re-innovation, and the phenomenon of blind repeated introduction is serious. Through the introduction of foreign advanced design and manufacturing technology, the gap with the world's advanced level has been shortened, and it is still an important channel for technological development and upgrading of water pump manufacturing. In the 1990s, although the domestic pump manufacturing industry was able to provide some major equipment and products needed for economic construction, the core technology still mainly relied on the introduction of foreign countries, and the industry's own independent development and digestion, absorption and re-innovation capabilities were still very weak.
5. The set capacity is too weak
The overall design of domestic water pump enterprises is too weak. The industry as a whole lacks general contracting enterprises with system design, complete set capabilities and system service functions.

6. Industry specifications need to be updated
The lack of common industry technology research, design, process, materials, and manufacturing standards and specifications urgently need to be updated. Due to the restructuring, some industry-oriented research institutes have become their own enterprises. The nature of the organization and the focus of work have changed significantly. The industry's technical support has become increasingly weak. Many standards such as technology, materials, and manufacturing are difficult to interface with foreign countries, which has caused important bottlenecks that restrict the development of the pump industry.

In summary, there are still many problems to be solved on the development path of the domestic pump industry. The pump industry advocates various companies to think and innovate on these issues, so that China's pump industry can still obtain very good development space. I hope that with the help of this article, I can sound the alarm for various pump companies and make their industry truly sustainable.