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Routine fire knowledge training and fire drills

Source:Sanchang|Popularity:0|release date:2020-03-02 15:57:38
Fire safety is greater than days. No matter in daily life or in the production activities of enterprises, fire protection is a top priority. If there is a problem with fire safety, social property will be wiped out, and people's lives will be devoured by the fire.
Enterprise fire drills are designed to enhance employees' awareness of safety and fire prevention, let everyone better understand the process of handling fires, and improve the ability to coordinate and deal with emergencies. Enhance employees' awareness of mutual rescue and self-rescue in the fire.

The prevention of fire hazards must be based on increased inspection efforts, which requires enterprise self-examination and supervision by relevant departments. However, in real life, due to the negligence of some responsible persons, many enterprises will inevitably have fire safety problems. At this time, if they can deal with it properly, these companies can still minimize losses. The key is to improve employees' ability to escape and remedy afterwards.
Therefore, in order to earnestly improve the employees' awareness of production safety and emergency response capabilities, Sanchang conducts annual training on fire protection theory and emergency drills for employees. Every employee participates in training and exercises, which increases the practical ability and greatly reduces the possibility of losses caused by unexpected situations.