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Project manager Mr. Yu shares customer development experienc

Source:Sanchang|Popularity:0|release date:2020-02-28 15:51:19
Routine Training every month, today we invite Project manager Mr. Yu to share his experience on "how to find a client and build up stable connection". He took the time to share his customer development and negotiation experience with everyone.

Mr. Yu is the fastest billing employee in Sanchang over these years. He won the order within one month after joining the company. After only one year, his performance steadily rose, setting a good result of 5 million in the first year. His experience is extraordinary, and all the other salesmen can't wait to learn from him, so under the kind invitation of the sales staff, today he took the time to share with us the early customer information collection, customer development skills, on-site customer negotiation skills Wait.

This is a rare learning opportunity, and the salesmen are listening to every message and every word intently, so that they can be handy when visiting customers in the future.