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Pump industry veteran Xylem enters the era of zero emissions

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"Zero emissions" is a technology that realizes the complete recycling of natural resources, and does not leave any waste to the atmosphere, water bodies and soil. This is a high investment cost and a technically difficult process for Chinese process companies. Although the state has given companies some subsidies to encourage the promotion of zero emissions, corporate investors are not enthusiastic about actively achieving zero emissions. With the improvement of China's environmental protection policy, corporate environmental awareness has gradually increased, and zero-emission technology has gradually matured and blossomed in large projects. Zero-emission technology will become a major trend in the environmental protection industry in the future.
In the context of energy conservation and emission reduction and the promotion of sustainable development, low energy consumption of products is particularly important. With sophisticated technical advantages and global experience, Xylem provides more energy efficient and efficient products for the Chinese market compared with traditional products. The e-series new generation products help the industrial water treatment industry achieve energy conservation and emission reduction.
Xylem high-pressure multi-stage pump e-MP is widely used in industrial zero-emission, desalination. Lowarae-MP originated in Austria 100 years ago and is well-known in the global water industry. Through generations of innovation and upgrade, Lowarae-MP has evolved into today's e-MP multi-stage pump. This series of products use advanced hydraulic components, and the MEI value is much higher than the international ANSI / HI standard, and also higher than the industry average efficiency of 8% (the highest in the department). The modular design makes installation and maintenance more convenient and meets various demanding conditions. 
It is equipped with Xylem selection software to help users create hydraulic scenarios and determine the best solution based on different pumping conditions. It is worth mentioning that e-MP meets the intelligent needs of customers. Starting from "self-perception of water pumps", through data acquisition and industrial wireless networks, online monitoring and real-time analysis of equipment operating conditions can be performed. Based on algorithms and models, equipment optimization is optimized. Operating conditions to provide decision support for proactive preventive maintenance