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Opportunities and challenges for the development of China's

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Due to changes in the world economic environment, the global water pump market has shown some volatility in recent years. The profit gap between different pump companies is large. The gross profit margin of multinational companies in some developed countries can reach 38%, and in terms of the global average, it is generally around 20%. Industry integration has further intensified. Profits and technology are accelerating to companies with mature brand reputation and technological strength. The world ’s pump manufacturing industry is accelerating mergers and consolidations. Faster. In this wave of accelerated integration, if it is not eliminated or even accelerated to catch up, it needs to start from various aspects such as technology, market, service, management and so on.
Systematic services
At present, the overall service and design capabilities of domestic water pump enterprises are too weak. This is reflected in both internal and external aspects. From the outside, many major projects require overall design and systematic service capabilities, while domestic enterprises have almost no overall plan design capabilities and cannot provide complete project solutions. From an internal point of view, the pump manufacturing industry itself is a relatively complex overall industrial industrial system, which requires research units, design units, manufacturing units, manufacturing enterprises, and application departments to cooperate with each other in overall production. However, domestic enterprises are far from forming such enterprises with complete production and research and development capabilities, and most of them are research institutes, design institutions, and manufacturing enterprises, which do not have general contracting capabilities.
Many companies will complain that the application department only believes in imported pumps. Even if domestic pumps have a great price advantage compared to foreign products, and even some independent innovation and research and development of pump products have reached or surpassed similar foreign products, the operating department still performs Refusing to use it for other reasons has made it difficult for domestic pump products to be adopted in some key projects and projects.
In fact, as an industrial product, its brand advantage is not as difficult to break as in luxury and other industries. Although its technical content is not the best, it still has the characteristics of industrial products. Enterprises need new market positioning brought about by technological breakthroughs and new product research and development, seize opportunities, and actively promote their own brands. In the field of industrial products, brand building is conducive to the establishment of differentiated competitive advantages, and it is also conducive to maximizing the overall value. It is also the cornerstone of relationship marketing.
Information production
In order to transform China from a large manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country, information production is the only way. When we plan for Industry 4.0, we must make up for the debt of Industry 3.0. Due to many factors, such as multiple varieties, small batches, irregular market competition, weak management foundation, and extensive management, the pump industry currently lacks the depth and breadth of the application of advanced information management systems. Qi, enterprise informationization lacks a unified standard. To achieve the goals of improving innovation capabilities, increasing production efficiency, reducing costs, and sustainable low-carbon green production, in addition to using information technology to automate the production process, information technology must also be used to improve product design, research and development, production, testing, The whole process of sales and service. In order to complete the transformation and upgrading of the pump industry, we can compete with leading companies in developed countries.
In the era of integration, we must keep improving
In the pump manufacturing industry, the era of brutal growth and extensive management is about to become a thing of the past. The fierce market environment and gradually improved industrial development will eliminate all enterprises that do not have the ability to evolve. Keeping pace with the times and surpassing the evolution of the times require simultaneous development and progress in all aspects. For example, starting from production, using information technology to increase production efficiency and enhance production capacity; starting from the market, establishing a brand image and perfecting the market layout; starting from service, refining the service content and improving the service mechanism; starting from the product, establishing a scientific innovation management system To promote innovation through management. Quickly refine every detail of business management, time is the lifeblood of business competition.