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9 Sets of Self-balancing multistage pumps delivered to VietN

Source:Sanchang|Popularity:0|release date:2020-02-27 14:30:34
A batch of mining self-balancing multistage pumps ordered by a Vietnamese mineral company in our company were delivered by trucks. 

Main data followed:
Flow Rate: 500m3/h, Delivery Head:228m
Power by:Explosion-proof Motor YB3-4502-4-500kW 6kV 50Hz 1480rpm
The delivery of pumps means that our company's development in Vietnam market has achieved initial success.

As the business environment in China is gradually improving, under the favorable background of the "Belt and Road" construction, our senior leaders have a long-term vision and timely and accurate adjustment of strategies, actively participating in international trade through the "Belt and Road" Dongfeng, and China Manufacturing, Hunan manufacturing takes the world and goes abroad. The development of the Vietnamese market is part of our Southeast Asia strategy of the Ministry of Foreign Trade. It only took 3 months from the participation in Vietnam at the beginning of the year, to the determination of cooperation intentions, to factory inspections, contract signing, and product delivery. Our company strictly follows the highest international standards from product casting, processing, assembly, testing, packaging, etc. All links are strictly controlled and monitored from time to time; perfect delivery with high standards, high quality, high efficiency and high requirements.

Each time the product goes abroad, it is like a girl married away. As a permanent maiden, Sanchang Pump Industry will ensure that our products truly become beautiful Chinese-made business cards with a 24-hour global after-sales mechanism