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Common faults and solutions of boiler feed water pump

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In the daily use of boiler feed water pump, it is common to encounter pump failures. Do you know what are the common faults of this type of pump? What methods should be taken to solve them? The following is about the common faults and solutions for boiler feed pump.

1. The water pump does not absorb water, the pointer of pressure gauge and vacuum gauge jumps violently, and the water injected into the pump is not enough. Water should be injected into the pump again to tighten or plug the air leakage.

2.  The reason is that the suction resistance is too large, the suction height is too high and exceeds the allowable value. Check the water inlet pipeline. When this situation occurs, the method of cleaning or replacing the suction pipe and reducing the suction height can be used to solve the problem.

3.  Look at the pressure gauge, there is pressure at the outlet of the water pump, but the water pump still doesn't come out, so the resistance of the outlet pipe is too large. The reason is that the rotation direction is wrong, the impeller is clogged, and the pump speed is not enough. When this happens, we should check or shorten the outlet pipe, change the direction of the motor, clean the impeller, and increase the speed of the pump shaft to solve the problem.

4.  The flow rate is lower than expected, the water pump is clogged, the seal ring is worn too much, and the speed is not enough. The pump and pipeline should be cleaned; the sealing ring should be replaced; and the rotation speed of the pump shaft should be increased.

5.  The pump consumes too much power, the packing gland is too tight, and the impeller is worn; the gate valve should be adjusted to reduce the flow, loosen the packing gland or take out the packing to square; replace the impeller.

6.  The water pump has abnormal sound in the working process, the flow rate drops until no water is discharged, the balance device is worn in the early stage, the gate valve is opened too large; the resistance of the suction pipe is too large, there is air infiltration at the water suction point, the water suction height is too high, and the temperature of the liquid delivered is too high. In these cases, the gate valve should be adjusted to reduce the flow, check the suction pipe, check the bottom valve, reduce the suction height, tighten or block the leakage, reduce the liquid temperature.

7.  Pump vibration pump shaft and motor axis is not in the same center line, at this time, the pump and motor shaft center line should be aligned. 8. If the bearing is overheated and there is no oil or dirty oil, oil should be injected or replaced at this time.