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Failure causes and solutions of GDL vertical multistage cent

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Fault 1: in case of vertical multistage pump, the pointer of non suction pressure gauge and vacuum gauge jumps violently.
 Cause of failure: the suction head is too high, the filling water is not enough, the connection between the pipeline and the instrument is abnormal, and there is air outflow.
Solution: check the bottom valve for water leakage, and then hire enough water to tighten the air leakage.

Fault 2: vertical multistage pump does not absorb water, the vacuum gauge may indicate high vacuum.
Cause of failure: the filter is blocked, the bottom valve is not opened, in other words, the resistance of the suction pipe is too large.
Solution: check the bottom valve. Replace water absorption. Clean the filter carefully.

Fault 3: vertical multistage pump pressure gauge has pressure, but still can not water.
Cause of failure: the impeller is blocked. It may be that the outlet pipe resistance is too large, the rotation direction is incorrect, and the outlet pipe valve is not opened.
Solution: check the short water pipe carefully. Check the motor two-phase mutual adjustment. Start the outlet valve. Remove the dirt in the impeller.