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Several factors affecting the efficiency of centrifugal pump

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The efficiency of centrifugal pump is the product of mechanical, volumetric and hydraulic efficiency. The efficiency of pump set is the product of pump efficiency and motor efficiency. Causes the centrifugal pump group efficiency to be low mainly has the following several.

1. Pump efficiency is the most fundamental influence. Under the same working conditions, the efficiency difference may be more than 15%.

2.  The operation condition of the centrifugal pump is lower than the rated condition of the pump, with low pump efficiency and high energy consumption. 3. The motor efficiency remains unchanged in the application. Therefore, it is important to select a high efficiency motor.

4.The influence of mechanical efficiency is mainly related to the design and manufacturing quality. After the pump is selected, the later management has little influence.

5. Hydraulic loss includes hydraulic friction and local resistance loss. After running for a certain period of time, the surface wear of impeller and guide vane inevitably increases, and the hydraulic efficiency decreases.

6. The volume loss of centrifugal pump is also called leakage loss, including impeller seal ring, interstage and axial force balance mechanism. The volume efficiency is not only related to the design and manufacture, but also related to the later management.

7.After a certain period of continuous operation of the pump, due to friction between the components, the gap increases and the volumetric efficiency decreases. The intake pump and filter pipe are blocked due to idling.

8. Before the start-up of the pump, the staff did not pay attention to the preparatory work before the start-up of the centrifugal pump, and the basic operation procedures such as warm-up pump, disc pump and filling pump were not implemented thoroughly, which often caused cavitation phenomenon of the pump, resulting in high noise, high vibration and low pump effic