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Effective measures for prolonging service life of vertical s

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There are many kinds of vertical sewage pump, and the working temperature and pressure of conveying media are different. According to the different properties of conveying media, they can be divided into molten salt submerged pump, sulfuric acid submerged pump, acid resistant and alkaline submerged pump, clean water submerged pump, sulfur submerged pump, submerged slurry pump, etc. Submerged pump is widely used in petrochemical, coal chemical and other chemical industries. It can transport different kinds of liquid and provide pressure and flow required by chemical reaction. Therefore, effectively prolonging the service life of the submerged pump and reducing the amount of maintenance play a great role in improving the economic benefits of the factory.

1. The selection and installation of submerged pump should be based on the liquid delivered, and check the required performance, analyze the suction and discharge conditions, whether intermittent or continuous operation. Generally, the submerged pump should be operated at or close to the pressure and flow conditions specified by the manufacturer.
The following rechecks should be carried out during the installation of the submerged pump:
1.1 according to the characteristics of the medium transported by the submerged pump, the material of the main parts, shaft seals and gaskets should be checked if necessary.
1.2 The size, position and elevation of the foundation should meet the design requirements. The anchor bolts must be properly and correctly fixed in the concrete foundation. The machine should not be missing, damaged or rusted. 1.3 The leveling and alignment of the submerged pump shall comply with the provisions of the technical documents of the equipment. If there is no regulation, it shall comply with the provisions of the current national standard "general code for construction and acceptance of mechanical equipment installation engineering".
1.4 All pipes connected with pump body, installation of pipe fittings and cleaning requirements of lubricating oil pipeline shall comply with relevant national standards.

2.  The use of submerged pump, pump test run should meet the following requirements:
2.1 Each fixed connection should not be loose, the specification and quantity of lubricant to be filled in each lubricating part should be in accordance with the provisions of technical documents of the equipment;
2.2  Find out the steering direction of pipeline pump and coaxial pump.
2.3  The steering of the driving machine should be the same as that of the submerged pump.
2.4  Parts with pre lubrication requirements shall be pre lubricated according to regulations.
2.5  All indicating instruments and safety protection devices shall be sensitive, accurate and reliable.
2.6  The turning gear shall be flexible without abnormal phenomenon.
2.7  Set up connection device to eliminate the influence of temperature rise, and set bypass connection device to provide cooling water source.
2.8  Before the commissioning of high-temperature submerged pump, the pump body shall be preheated, and the temperature rise shall be uniform, and the temperature rise per hour shall not be greater than 500 ℃; the temperature difference between the pump body surface and the process pipeline with working medium inlet shall not be too high.

3. Attention should be paid to the following points when operating the submerged pump:
3.1. Do not use too much lubricant.
3.2. Check according to the recommended period. Establish operation records, including operating hours, packing adjustment and replacement, lubricant addition and other maintenance measures and time. The suction and discharge pressure, flow rate, input power, temperature of washing liquid and bearing and vibration of submerged pump should be measured and recorded regularly.
3. 3. Ensure that the mechanical seal has sufficient water flow for flushing, and excessive water flow is prohibited for water-cooled bearings.
3.4. It is forbidden to operate without water, do not adjust the suction population to reduce the displacement, and it is forbidden to operate under low flow.
3.5. Monitor the operation process to prevent the leakage of the stuffing box completely, and use new packing when replacing the stuffing box.