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Installation methods of end suction centrifugal pump

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End suction centrifugal pump is suitable for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, as well as agricultural irrigation and drainage. It is widely used, and the quality of pump installation has an important impact on the operation and life of the pump, so the installation and calibration must be carried out carefully. 
1. Installation and correction:
(1) remove the grease and dirt on the base and put the base on the foundation.
(2) Check the levelness of the base with a level gauge, and it is allowed to use wedge iron for leveling.
(3) Cement the base and anchor bolt holes.
(4) After the cement is dry, check whether the base and anchor bolt holes are loose, tighten the anchor bolts and recheck the levelness.
(5) Clean the support plane of the base, the plane of the pump foot and the motor foot, and install the water pump and motor on the base.
(6) There should be a certain clearance between the couplings. Check whether the center line of the pump shaft and the motor shaft is consistent, and use thin gasket to adjust it to make it concentric. The difference between the top and bottom of the outer circle of the coupling shall not exceed 0.1 mm, and the maximum and minimum gap difference between the two coupling end faces in one circle shall not exceed 0.3 mm. 

2.  Installation instructions:
(1) the installation height of the pump, the length, diameter and flow rate of the pipeline should conform to the calculation, so as to reduce unnecessary loss.
(2) Long distance should be taken for large diameter pipe. The pipeline of the pump should have its own bracket. The weight of the pipeline is not allowed to be added to the pump to avoid crushing the pump.
(3) If check valve is installed in the discharge pipeline, it should be installed outside the gate valve.