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The causes of bearing heating

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1. The bearing is short of oil or too much grease. Adding proper amount of grease in the bearing box can not only play the role of lubrication, reduce friction resistance, but also play the role of heat dissipation. The lack of oil will increase the friction resistance of the bearing, resulting in the bearing heating and temperature rising, but too much grease will also increase the friction resistance and poor heat dissipation, which will also make the bearing heat and temperature rise. Troubleshooting: add grease or reduce the amount of grease. It has been proved that it is suitable to fill 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 2 grease in bearing plate.        
2. There is no clearance at the bearing end cap. After the bearing end cover is installed, there should be a certain clearance at one end. If there is no clearance, when the pump is in operation due to heating and spindle elongation, the two bearings and bearing end cover will be stuck, bearing temperature will rise. Troubleshooting: add paper pad, adjust the gap.        
3. The belt is pulled too tight. The belt is too loose and easy to slip. If the belt is pulled too tight, it will increase the pressure shaft force of the pump, increase the friction resistance, heat the bearing and increase the temperature. Troubleshooting: adjust the belt tightness properly.