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Technical conditions of sludge pump

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1. The sludge return pump can rotate smoothly without jamming, stagnation and vibration.
2.  The test pressure of the sludge return pump was 0.2MPa.
3. The sludge return pump adopts double mechanical seal structure and lip seal structure. The mechanical seal ensures reliable operation within 10000 hours without replacement.
4.  The cable sealing head adopts special vulcanization treatment to prevent water seepage to the motor due to damage of cable sheath.
5.  The oil chamber of the sludge return pump is provided with a sealing leakage protection device.
6. The double color wire (yellow / green) in the outgoing cable of sludge reflux pump is specified as grounding wire, and the connection is reliable. The grounding sign is obvious and is not easy to be worn out during the service life. 7. The motor rotor of sludge return pump is tested by dynamic balance, and the balance accuracy is G6.3.8
8.A thermal protection switch is arranged in the stator winding of the motor of the sludge return pump.
9. During the operation of sludge return pump, the deviation of power supply voltage and frequency from rated value and its influence on motor performance and temperature rise shall comply with GB755, and the electrical performance of motor shall comply with JB / T8092, JB / Z346 and GB 5013.4. 10. The sludge return pump can rise and fall freely on the guide rail bracket, and can quickly couple with the embedded return pipe, so the operation is stable and reliable.