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What are the valves for pump system? How to install them?

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As we all know, water pump in the delivery system is equivalent to the role of the heart, providing continuous power for the flow of liquid. There is also an auxiliary device in the system, which can control the flow of liquid, flow direction, exhaust air, prevent liquid backflow and so on. The name of this device is called valve. Let's talk about the types of valve and the specific location of the installation in the pipeline.
According to the use function, the valve can be divided into: gate valve, stop valve, check valve, exhaust valve, bottom valve, pressure stabilizing valve, etc.
1、 Bottom valve. The material of the bottom valve mainly includes cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel. Its function is to keep the water in the water inlet pipe from losing. It is usually installed at the bottom of the water inlet pipe of the water pump. After the first successful water absorption, the water pump can not need to be filled with water. However, the sealing of the bottom valve needs to be maintained first. The water absorption position of the bottom valve is composed of a mesh, which can also play the role of filtering impurities and sundries.
2、 Gate valve. The function of gate valve is to control the flow of water, which can be divided into four materials: plastic, cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel. The installation position is usually on the outlet pipe of the water pump, which starts from the water pump and is directly connected with the check valve and the water pump, so it does not need to bear the force generated by the hydraulic down pressure after the shutdown, and it will not affect its good sealing performance. When the water pump discharges air, the valve closes to form a closed space. When there are multiple pipelines, the direction of the liquid is controlled and delivered to the required position by opening and closing the valve. When the system needs the same energy, the flow can be controlled by adjusting the opening degree of the valve.
3、 Check valve. As the name suggests, it is to prevent backflow of liquid, and at the same time to bear the impact force generated by backflow of long-distance and high-level liquid, to protect the water pump and seal. The material is cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, etc. the installation position is on the outlet pipe of the water pump. Starting from the water pump, it is the water pump, gate valve, check valve, at the front, stress position.
4、 Stop valve. The name of this valve is very clear. It means to cut off the water supply completely. Quick switch to cut off the current.
5、 Exhaust valve. It's very simple. It's used to discharge air to the system. Generally, it's not large in volume. It's located at the high point of the pipeline. It's good to pump water after the air is discharged completely.
6、 Pressure stabilizing valve. The function of this valve is to ensure the pressure in the system. Due to the different requirements of each production system, it is necessary to maintain a certain pressure for normal production. The pressure stabilizing valve plays a good role. When the pressure is small, it is closed until the pressure value reaches; when the pressure is enough, it will open to release excess pressure. The installation position is generally on the outlet pipe.