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Why self-balancing pump bearings get hot?

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The problem of bearing heating during the development of the self-balancing pump was once a pain point. It was caused by the incomplete adjustment of the residual axial force in the initial design. Now after a long period of research and optimization, the heating problem caused by the residual axial force has been basically solve. In addition, there are the following factors for bearing heating: 1. The rear throttle device wears out due to long-term operation, which causes the bearing to undergo changes in axial force and the bearing heats up; 2. Because the on-site maintenance is not in place during the operation of the pump, excessive lubrication or failure to refuel in time leads to increased bearing friction resistance and heat; 3. After the bearing wears, it is not replaced in time. 4. The interference fit of the bearing makes the expansion coefficient of the bearing too low to generate heat.