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What should be checked before pump delivery?

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What aspects of inspection should be done before the delivery of water pump?
(1) The water pump shall be qualified and complete. The delivered goods shall conform to the contract or other agreements of both parties, and shall be qualified in quality and complete in whole. All pumps must be tested before delivery to check and correct their assembly quality and eliminate their accidental quality defects. In principle, they will not be disassembled after passing the test. All signs and signs shall be correct, clear and complete, and warning signs shall be marked in red.
(2) A series of protective measures should be taken for the water pump. The residual liquid in the water pump shall be drained clean and dry after all tests are completed, and all internal parts shall generally be coated with appropriate rust inhibitor within four hours after the test. In order to prevent foreign matters from entering the pump, the suction and discharge ports of the pump shall be sealed with metal cover and elastic gasket, and other threaded openings shall be sealed with thread plugs. If the water pump is equipped with instruments, measures shall be taken to protect it. The water pump shall be reliably fixed in the packing box.
(3) The accompanying spare parts must be complete. All random spare parts according to the contract or other agreements shall be delivered randomly with the same quality and sufficient quantity as the original pump.
(4) Random data must be complete. A complete set of operation instruction, certificate, quality tracking card or other random data specified in the contract and standards shall be provided at random.
(5) The packing must be firm and the mark must be clear and visible.
(6) Packing list, installation instructions, certificate of conformity, etc. must be put into the document bag and shipped with the goods.