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What is petrochemical process pump?

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Petrochemical process pump is applied in many industries because of many kinds, wide application range, multiple functions, good performance and other factors. Especially in the chemical industry, it is often used to transport some special media, such as some inorganic acid and organic acid solutions such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid with high concentration, or various low temperature and high temperature liquids. As we all know, any kind of equipment has working requirements, that is to say, when using, there are some requirements for pump delivery medium and use environment. So what are the requirements for this kind of petrochemical process pump? In chemical or petrochemical production, the pump works in high temperature, low temperature or ultra-low temperature, high pressure, inflammable, explosive, toxic and strong corrosive medium. The petrochemical process pump can also work under the conditions of high inlet pressure, high head, high viscosity, small flow and high cavitation, which puts forward quite strict requirements for the performance of chemical pump, In particular, the requirements for corrosion resistance, no leakage and wear resistance are very high.
1. Impeller can be closed, semi open and open. Can transport clean, including particles, containing a small amount of gas medium. Can also transport high temperature, low temperature, and strong corrosive medium. Impeller is equipped with balance hole and anti-corrosion ring to balance axial force.
2. The pump body and the bearing frame are connected by an intermediate connecting section. According to different working conditions, different materials can be used in the middle connecting section to avoid serious corrosion of bearing frame and bearing when transporting strong corrosive medium. At the same time, the middle connecting section is equipped with a water-cooling chamber to pass cooling circulating water and block the high temperature medium from passing the high temperature to the bearing.
3. Packing seal, single and double face mechanical seal and cartridge single face mechanical seal can be used as the sealing form. According to different conditions and user's requirements for cooling and flushing, sealing can be selected according to the design specification scheme.
4. The bearing frame is designed with air cooling fins, air cooling fans and water cooling chambers, which can be selected by users according to the working conditions. The bearing is lubricated by oil ring splashing thin oil from the oil tank. The oil in the oil tank is cooled by the water in the water-cooled chamber, and the heat in the bearing is taken away by the cold water to ensure that the bearing is in normal working condition at any time. According to the temperature and pressure of the medium, the center support and foot support are adopted.