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Solutions for internal rust of water pump

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Generally, there are many methods to deal with the rust of water pump, such as stainless steel or coating or plastic, etc., and the rust of pump flow parts under different working conditions is not the same. First of all, the reasons for the rust inside the pump are analyzed as follows, and then the corresponding treatment methods are found according to the reasons.

1. After the pump is finished, it is necessary to open the drain valve of the pump to discharge the water inside the pump.

2. When pumping with corrosive liquid, then after the completion of the pump, draw a period of clear water to wash the inside of the pump, and then release the drain valve to drain the water.

3. After the parts of the pump are processed, the main impellers, guide vanes and other flow passage parts are specially treated, which can be sprayed, brushed with ceramics, used with anticorrosive paint, etc.

4. Under working condition, when the pump is working, it is necessary to add oxidant first and then reductant, however, some media produce chemical reaction inside the pump. At this time, materials with corrosion resistance shall be selected.

5. In some special working conditions, the overflow parts of water pump can be directly lined with corrosion-resistant plastic or titanium alloy.

6. When the pump internal rust, corrosion is more severe, then you can take the pump apart and then repair (polymer materials).

7. Rust is mainly caused by the fact that an element of the material cannot resist corrosive ions in the medium. In this way, the corresponding material can be selected according to the media composition.