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How to measure the clearance of locating bearing in multista

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The positioning bearing of multistage pump is generally on the side of non driving end, and the driving end is the movable end. Because the clearance of bearing is very small, special attention should be paid to the clearance of bearing when assembling the water pump. When the bearing at one end is installed, the clearance between bearing and gland can be measured with feeler gauge, and the axial displacement can be measured with a run out dial indicator. After one end is installed, install the other end, and use the same method to measure the clearance between bearing and gland. Finally, the clearance of the positioning bearing can be obtained by calculating the axial dimension chain.
It should be noted that the accuracy of each bearing is different, and the final clearance is different.
If reasoning bearing is used in other pump types, its clearance may be different. The reasoning bearing needs to reserve a clearance of 0.2 ~ 0.3mm. So that when the bearing is started, the pump needs to back to the coupling end.