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How to deal with the high temperature of boiler feed pump?

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When the boiler feed water pump encounters high temperature (104-120 ℃), it usually designs bearing body cooling structure, mechanical seal cooling structure, or with cooling and heat exchange device, etc. It can also change the structure of the boiler feed pump to the shell center support structure, which is conducive to the stability of the pump. The high temperature treatment method of boiler feed pump is as follows:
1. Equipped with heat exchanger, external cooling water into the heat exchanger for cooling.
2. The bearing shall be designed with a cooling chamber structure, and the external cooling water shall enter the cooling chamber of the bearing body.
3. High temperature water, then the material of the pump must be cast steel, to solve the deformation of the pump caused by thermal expansion and contraction (because the deformation of the cast steel material is small). Generally, the shell part is made of cast steel, and the rotor part is made of S.S420. Balancing device S.S420.
3. The dynamic and static rings of the machine seal shall be made of high temperature resistant materials.
4. The external water under different special working conditions cannot enter the pump cavity, so it is necessary to take water from the impeller of the first stage of the pump to enter the heat exchanger and then external cooling water to cool the water taken from the first stage of the pump.
5. When encountering high temperature water, the inlet of the boiler feed pump must have inlet pressure. When there is no inlet pressure, the medium has entered the semi vaporization and semi liquefaction state at this temperature. In this case, the inlet pressure of the water pump must be increased.