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How to install the seal ring of water pump that keeps pump f

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Note before installing the water pump sealing ring:
1. Before the assembly of water pump, all sealing surfaces shall be wiped clean, and then the sealant shall be applied.
2. Before assembly, the sealing ring shall be wiped clean and packed in the sealing bag as much as possible.
3. When assembling, try not to squeeze the sealing ring with sharp processing edge to avoid damaging the sealing ring.
4. Assemble according to the correct assembly method.
5. The sealing ring needs to be leveled in the installation position and then the assembly die is pressed.
6. During the pressure test of water pump, attention shall be paid to the pressure test, because each type of pump needs to determine the actual test pressure according to the lift of the pump itself, and the pressure will crush the sealing ring of the pump after it is pressed out.
Attention to the above requirements can meet the requirements of sealing ring water leakage.