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How to deal with the air in multistage pump

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The reasons for the intake of multistage pump are as follows:
1. The poor sealing of the inlet pipeline leads to air intake and air leakage.
2. The water pump has been in the state of air leakage due to the damage of the bottom valve.
3. The plug on the water inlet pipe is not tightened.
4. The sealing surface of the pump inlet flange and the inlet pipeline flange is defective, resulting in poor sealing.
5. The pump itself is seriously worn because of the packing, which leads to the intake of the pump chamber.
6. The cone angle between the flange surface of the inlet water pipe and the flange surface of the pump causes unsealing.
7. The sealing surface of the middle section of the multi-stage pump is not clean, which causes the air leakage after the gasket is damaged.
8. After the pump has been used for a long time, the casting of a part has sand holes, air holes and other reasons.
The solution is as follows:
1. Check the air tightness (tightness) of the pipeline.
2. Check the tightness of bottom valve.
3. Check the tightness of each standard part.
4. Check the tightness and wear degree of the packing.
5. Check the air tightness of each blank (static pressure test).