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How to solve the problem that water pump can't pump water if

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Generally, the water pump is caused by the poor sealing of the pump. In general, if this situation occurs, after the air enters the cavity of the pump, the air of the pump needs to be discharged first, and then the pump can be started. The tightness of the pump can be determined by checking the tightness of the pump inlet pipeline, the tightness of the outlet and the condition of vacuum discharge before the pump is started. It can also check whether there is air leakage at the pump shaft seal. If there is air leakage, replace the packing or apply another layer of lubricating grease to ensure that the pump starts quickly in a short time.
If the machine seal is in leakage position, it is necessary to remove the machine seal and readjust the compression amount of the machine seal and the sealing performance of the sealing surface. When the vacuum pump is started to draw vacuum, the drawing time of the vacuum pump needs to be adjusted according to the size of the pump and the size of the pipeline.
Check whether the plugs are tightened. If air leakage is found, the raw material belt can be added at the plug position and screwed on again.