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Disadvantages of boiler feed pump with high pressure

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The disadvantages of the outlet pressure (high head) of the boiler feed pump are as follows:
1. The outlet pressure of the boiler feed pump will cause damage to the matching equipment after the system pressure is too high.
2. The outlet pressure will cause the supporting motor of the boiler feed pump to be too large, so the energy consumption of the motor is too large.
3. The outlet pressure of the boiler feed pump is large, so the outlet pipeline of the pump must be equipped with pressure reducing valve (safety valve) and other equipment. Increase the cost of relevant equipment of the user.
4. It is necessary to set aside a proper margin head for the normal water supply of the pump and the safe operation of the boiler, but too high margin head is harmful. In some cases, it is not only the problem of big horse pulling small car and low efficiency, but also the problem of vaporization and cavitation caused by the increase of flow, which will affect the normal water supply; excessive regulation of outlet valve will cause great energy loss, resulting in strong vibration of pump body and pipeline system. According to the pump characteristic curve, the increase of flow will lead to the increase of power and the change of efficiency. When the affluence head is large and not regulated, the flow will increase sharply, the power will increase with it, and the efficiency may decrease; when the flow increases to a certain value, the pump will generate bubbles, cavitation and water shortage. At this time, people often can not make a correct judgment, or even think that it is the boiler check valve back-up steam.