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Difference between single-stage pump and multistage pump

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The stator part of the multistage pump is mainly composed of the middle section of the suction section, the discharge section and the guide vane, etc., and each section is clamped by the tension bolt to form the working part. At present, the multistage pump generally adopts horizontal suction and vertical discharge to work, which is mainly used for oil field water injection and pump inlet and outlet to be uniform and vertical upward, and the inlet and outlet of multistage pump to be vertical upward. The bearing of multistage pump is mainly composed of bearing body, bearing and bearing gland. The bearing is lubricated with grease or thin oil. The rotor part of multistage pump is mainly composed of shaft, impeller, balance plate and shaft sleeve. The axial force is balanced by the balance plate. The multistage pump shaft seal adopts the soft packing seal, which is mainly composed of the seal body, packing and water retaining ring on the water inlet section and the tail cover. The temperature of the medium conveyed by the multistage pump is less than 70 degrees. The multistage pump is very suitable for various occasions such as mine drainage, factory city water supply, etc. the water injection pump is made of different materials according to the corrosiveness of the medium Generally less than 100 degrees, it is also suitable for boiler feed water.
Multistage pump refers to a pump with two or more impellers, and the maximum lift can exceed 125m; when the lift of a single-stage pump needs to be equipped with two-stage motors, the number of impellers can be increased to match with four-stage motors, so as to improve the service life of the pump and reduce the noise of the unit, but the maintenance of multistage pump is a little more difficult than that of a single-stage pump.
With the development of technology, the head of single-stage impeller pump can be increased by increasing the speed of the pump, which can replace the multistage pump, but the price is a little more expensive.