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Common faults of water pump and the solutions

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Common faults of water pump and the solutions
1. The causes of the pump's violent vibration include the imbalance of the electric rotor or the bad combination of the coupling, the wear and bending of the bearing, the looseness and fracture of the rotating parts, and the unsound pipeline support, etc. It can be adjusted, repaired, reinforced, straightened and replaced.
2. The leakage of water or air in the pipeline may be due to the loose screw cap during installation. If the leakage is not serious, cement, wet mud or soft soap can be applied at the place of air leakage or water leakage. If there is water leakage at the joint, tighten the screw cap by hand. If the water leakage is serious, it must be disassembled again. Inlet pump valve
3. Poor pumping: over heating of packing is caused by too tight packing, cooling water can not enter into packing or damage of shaft surface. Some measures can be taken, such as loosening the packing properly and clearing the blockage of the sealing pipe. If the packing is worn, it must be replaced with a new one. Before installation, it must be soaked in the engine oil and installed one by one. The cut should be staggered so as to reduce water leakage. After the last round of packing is installed, the gland shall be tightened, and the tightness shall be adjusted during operation.
4. Water pump does not absorb water or does not drain water, which is mainly caused by stuck bottom valve, clogged water filtering part, too high water absorption height or air leakage in water absorption. It may also be caused by improper turning, blocked impeller flow path, etc. After checking one by one, measures such as repairing bottom valve, removing silt, correcting steering direction and cleaning impeller can be taken for treatment.