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hunan neptune pump

Customer Concerns & Solutions 6

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1. What efforts has our company made in the reliability of ordinary centrifugal pumps?
1). Introduce advanced manufacturing technology at home and abroad to enhance the wear resistance of each throttle surface component; apply a composite wear-resistant layer to the balance plate and balance ring to increase the HRC above 65
2). Increase the pump balance plate wear indicator, which allows the user to intuitively observe the wear of the balance plate to replace the balance plate.
3). Some pumps have developed fixed balance plates, which can effectively reduce the wear of the balance plates.

2. How does the pump cavitation occur and how to judge?
When the flow rate of the liquid at the inlet of the impeller increases, and the pressure is lower than the corresponding saturation pressure of the working water temperature, it will cause a part of the liquid to evaporate (ie, vaporize). When the vaporized bubbles enter the area with higher pressure, the pressure suddenly condenses, so the surrounding liquid is replenished here, causing hydraulic shock. This phenomenon is called cavitation.
If cavitation occurs when the pump is running, close the pump outlet valve when the pump is running to determine whether the sound of the pump disappears. If the sound disappears after closing the valve, you can basically determine the cavitation of the pump;
The sound of cavitation is chaotic and irregular, with irregular sound. After a similar foreign object enters the pump, the sound of strong collision with the pump parts is accompanied by strong vibration.