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Analysis of starting principle of centrifugal pump

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Centrifugal pump is a kind of vane pump, which depends on the rotating impeller in the process of rotation. Due to the interaction between the blade and the liquid, the blade transmits the mechanical energy to the liquid, which increases the pressure of the liquid and achieves the purpose of conveying the liquid. The centrifugal pump has the following characteristics:

1. The head produced by centrifugal pump at a certain speed has a limited value. The operating point flow and shaft power depend on the condition of the unit system connected to the pump (differential level, pressure and line loss). The head changes with the flow.

2. Stable operation, continuous transportation, no pulsation of flow and pressure.

3. Generally, there is no self-priming capacity, so it is necessary to fill the pump with liquid or vacuum the pipeline before starting to work.

4. The centrifugal pump is started when the discharge pipeline valve is closed, and the vortex pump and axial flow pump are started when the valve is fully open, so as to reduce the starting power.

Because the centrifugal pump relies on the centrifugal force of the impeller to form a vacuum suction to lift the water, therefore, when the centrifugal pump is started, the gate valve must be closed first and the water filled. When the water level is above the impeller, the air in the centrifugal pump can be discharged before starting. After startup, a vacuum is formed around the impeller to suck up the water, and the gate valve can be opened automatically to lift up the water. Therefore, the gate valve must be closed first.