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hunan neptune pump

Customer Concerns & Solutions 5

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1. Why use a double transition tube? Does the transition tube have a loss on the head?

The design of the double transition pipe is to fully consider the radial force symmetrical distribution in the case of axial symmetry to maximize the balance of radial force and reduce the fatigue of the pump main shaft winding. In addition, the double transition tube can effectively increase the interception area and reduce the head loss. The transition pipe has a certain loss of head, about 0.5 meters


2. Why does the centrifugal pump vibrate?

1). The installation foundation is uneven. 

2). The water pump does not meet the standard at the motor adjustment center. 

3). The operating conditions suddenly change too much. 

4). The pump throttling device is worn. 

5). Improper selection. 

6). Current and voltage are unstable. 

7). Improper valve adjustment. 

8). The pump produces cavitation. 

9). The pump is blocked by foreign objects.​