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Why the efficiency of multistage pump is low?

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The efficiency of pump consists of mechanical efficiency, hydraulic efficiency and volume efficiency, so the low efficiency of pump is mainly analyzed from these reasons.
1. The hydraulic efficiency is an inherent characteristic quantity of the pump itself, and this efficiency is the finalization of its hydraulic model. Generally, it is determined that the efficiency range of the pump will be in a certain position during the design.
2. Mechanical efficiency, the inherent mechanical efficiency of each kind of mechanical equipment (water pump, motor) is certain, because there are various losses in the transmission process. The efficiency of the water pump will decrease accordingly.
3. Pump volume loss, because the multistage pump blade channel and shell clearance is small, coupled with the pump itself than speed and low. There is also the internal channel is not smooth, there is not good grinding.
4. All kinds of other losses cause low efficiency of multistage pump, and leakage of pump seal causes efficiency loss.
5. Because of the water flow erosion, the inner wall of the pump passage and the impeller surface become rough and uneven, the friction coefficient of the inner passage of the pump increases, and the resistance increases with the increase of the water flow speed.
6. Due to the reason of adding medicine or water quality before the pump, serious scaling or corrosion occurs in the pump shell. Serious fouling in the pump shell can increase the wall thickness of the pump shell and increase the loss due to the unsmooth flow channel. Both the passenger volume efficiency and the hydraulic efficiency are reduced.
7. Due to the casting defects, cavitation, abrasion, corrosion and electrochemical etching caused by the pump process, cavities or gaps are produced in the pump flow passage, which leads to vortex in the pump and internal loss of the flow passage. Reduce water flow efficiency.