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How to select the seal ring of multistage pump

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How to select the seal ring of multistage pump needs to determine the material of the seal ring according to the working condition of the pump on site. The details are as follows:
Normal temperature water: Rubber I-2, NBR NBR;
High temperature water: EPDM rubber, fluororubber;
Oily sewage: fluororubber;
Corrosive liquid: Polypropylene ether rubber, chloroprene rubber;
Low temperature liquid: silicone rubber;
PU polyurethane rubber sealing ring
Polyurethane rubber has very good mechanical properties, and its wear resistance and high pressure resistance are far superior to other rubbers. It has good aging resistance, ozone resistance and oil resistance, but it is easy to hydrolyze at high temperature. Generally used for high pressure, wear-resistant sealing link. Generally, the temperature range is - 45 ~ 90 ℃.