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hunan neptune pump

Customer Concerns & Solutions 3

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1. Why is the self-balancing machine seal more reliable?

First of all, there is no axial movement when the pump starts and stops, there is no axial pulsation when the pump is running, and the mechanical seal spring has no mechanical fatigue caused by repeated expansion and contraction;


In addition, the shaft end adopts a non-contact multi-head reverse pumping screw seal, which produces a "pumping effect". Because the spiral seal is inclusive of the solid particles and has the characteristics of reverse pumping, the solid particles cannot reach the sealing surface of the mechanical seal. In the case of media containing solid particles, the life of the mechanical seal is more guaranteed.


2. How does a self-balancing pump balance axial forces? How to balance the self-balanced odd and even stages?

Self-balancing pump axial force balance mechanism: the symmetrical arrangement of the impeller is used, and the axial force generated by the impeller in operation cancels each other to achieve self-balance of axial force.


Self-balancing even-numbered stage adopts symmetrical arrangement of positive and reverse impellers, and axial force can achieve self-balancing; for odd-numbered stage impellers, the first-stage double-suction structure is adopted (or the first-stage design of balance sleeves and impeller design balance holes at the high-pressure inlet side) Method), in addition to the odd or even stages, there is a residual axial force of about 5%. The residual axial force is borne by the bearings of the self-aligning thrust system provided at the non-driving end of the pump.