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hunan neptune pump

Customer Concerns & Solutions 3

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1. How long is the service life (reliability of throttling device) ?

The designed service life of the pump is 30 years, which does not include normal maintenance and overhaul of wearing parts such as bearings and shaft seals. The specific service life should still be determined according to the actual working conditions on the site. We can evaluate the service life of our company's products under similar conditions for reference. For example, if the medium of the brine extraction pump is clean and non-fouling, our company's customer Feicheng Shengli Chemical Unit will run for 10 years without failure and without overhaul; in addition, our company's comprehensive statistical maintenance data is 3.5 years.

2. Why is the self-balancing pump high efficiency and energy saving?

Measures to improve the efficiency of the self-balancing pump: 

1). The optimization of the hydraulic model can improve the efficiency of the pump by 1% -3%;  

2). The superiority and efficiency of the self-balancing pump structure has the following points. First, there is no balance disk structure, so there is no loss of volume of balanced water; Secondly, because the impeller and guide vane are always centered, they are always in the best efficiency position; In addition, the self-balancing pump has no friction between the rotor and the casing, and the efficiency stability time is longer (the ordinary pump continues to decline with the wear efficiency of the balancing disk). After our long-term comparison data, the above aspects can improve the pump efficiency by 3% -5%, and 5% -8% improvement in the entire equipment cycle.