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How many connection modes are there for the pipeline of doub

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How many connection modes are there for the pipeline of double suction split pump?
There are many kinds of pumps, but different pumps are different in performance, function and structure. Not only that, but also in the way of pipeline connection and installation. Here are three connection ways of double suction split pump pipeline: welding, flange connection and socket connection.
Welding is generally divided into gas welding and electric welding. When the wall thickness of double suction middle opening pump pipeline is less than 4mm, gas welding is suitable, while electric welding is suitable for double suction middle opening pump pipeline with wall thickness greater than or equal to 4mm. For the number of welding layers, gas welding is generally once, electric welding is 1-3 times, mainly depending on the pipe wall thickness and the width of the weld. In addition, the physical and chemical properties of the welding rod shall conform to It is required that the amount of current during welding should also be considered. When multi-layer welding is carried out, the fine electrode should be used for the first time, and the coarse electrode should be used for the second and third times. In addition, it should be noted that the electrode should be dried before welding, and the welding junction should also be cleaned.
Flange connection
With this connection method, a rubber pad with a thickness of 2-5mm shall be set between the flange plates of the double suction split pump pipeline, and the asbestos rope gasket soaked in white lead oil can also be used. Generally, a handle shall be left on the gasket, so that the position of the gasket can be easily adjusted during installation. Before the gasket is added, a layer of white lead oil shall be coated on the flange without any deviation. After the center line and slope of the pipeline meet the design requirements, the pipeline shall be stabilized and the bolts shall be tightened.
Socket connection
This connection method is generally carried out against the slope of the trench. The socket of the pipeline shall be forward and the socket of the pipeline shall be cleaned. In order to meet the needs of pipeline expansion, 4-8mm axial clearance shall be reserved for inserting the laid socket cast iron pipe, and the clearance shall be even. The oil hemp rope shall be filled in the gap, and each circle of oil hemp rope shall be overlapped and compacted tightly. The filled depth of the tightened oil hemp rope shall be 1 / 3 of the socket depth, and the outer opening shall be filled with asbestos cement or expansion cement, the depth shall be about 1 / 2-2 / 3 of the interface depth, and it shall be filled and compacted layer by layer.
The above are the three connection ways of the double suction middle opening pump pipeline, which are selected according to the needs of daily work.