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Stator rewinding of submersible motor

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(1) In order to avoid or reduce the inflexibility of rotor rotation caused by assembly error, mark the joint between the front and rear end of the motor and the base with accumulator before disassembling the motor, and assemble as it is after repair.
(2) When removing the winding, pay attention to protect the iron core to avoid the phenomenon of silicon steel sheet warping, displacement, slot angle burr, etc. A better way to remove the thread is to cut the coil from one end with diagonal pliers, and then pull it out at the other end with pliers.
(3) According to the required size, the winding die winding coil shall be made to ensure the outer clearance of the winding end and the coil embedded in the slot.
(4) The "three plane method" shall be adopted for wire embedding, that is, one phase shall be embedded before the other phase is embedded to form a "three-layer plane" at the end: attention shall be paid during embedding: ① the position of the first two "handle" coils shall be appropriate to ensure that the stator core will not be scratched when embedding other coils; ② the marking plate shall be used less when winding down to avoid damaging the coil insulation; ③ the interphase insulating paper shall be inserted in place and the two-phase coils shall be strictly For oil immersed and water filled motors, the coil (including the end) in the slot cannot be compacted, so that the oil (water) can flow to heat the winding.
(5) Handle the joint insulation. Peel off the sheath and insulation layer at the joint, and remove the paint layer and oxide layer on the surface of copper wire; then twist the joint for soldering, and remove the sharp corners, burrs and residual welding fluid; then use polyethylene tape to wrap two layers in half, and use butyl self-adhesive tape to wrap six layers in half (the joint shall be tight and seamless), and finally use polyethylene tape or tapestry tape to wrap two layers in half as mechanical protection.
(6) Keep clean during assembly. Carefully adjust the "stop screw" at the bottom to make the rotor rotate freely, and tighten the lock nut. Install the end cover according to the original sealing position, and pay attention not to damage the rubber sealing ring of the inner hole of the sealing box. When assembling the integral seal box, it can only be pushed in gently, do not knock.