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hunan neptune pump

Customer Concerns & Solutions 2

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1 Will stainless steel burn to death?

The stainless steel pump will not burn or lock during normal operation. There are several reasons for the failure of lock: 1. The continuous high temperature of the pump body due to lack of water causes the rotor parts to stick to the casing; 2 The crystallization of the crystal causes a large area of the throttle surface of the pump to be short of water, and the high temperature heat cannot be taken away to cause the rotor parts to stick to the casing; 3. The rotor runs eccentrically for a long time, and the rotor will burn and heat due to friction in the casing; therefore, to avoid the failure of stainless steel locking, the operation process should be standardized as much as possible, and the situation of lack of water and foreign matter should be avoided. Just tell us that we should optimize the configuration before leaving the factory and add the necessary sensor monitoring methods to avoid the occurrence of pump lock failure to the greatest extent.

2. Is the after-sales service timely​?

The concept of modern enterprises for after-sales service to meet the needs of users has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. First of all, our company has to ensure good product quality, strictly follow standardized production, and strictly implement the inspection process. Defective products will never leave the factory. Without the hidden dangers of quality to the user's site, to minimize the after-sales. In addition, our company attaches great importance to the construction of after-sales service system, and makes solutions for the domestic market within 24 hours, and arranges technical personnel for 48 hours for failures that cannot be eliminated at the user's site The service method of reaching the scene to solve, and achieve the service